Martijn Dirk Joling (b.1991, The Netherlands) started off his career as a Dutch rapper, and discovered his love for dance through hip hop. After getting familiar with hiphop as rap and dance style, he switched his focus to contemporary dance/ performance art, studied creative & cultural performance at the Roc Amsterdam dance Academy, and graduated with a BA of Modern Theatre Dance from Amsterdam University of the Arts.


Martijn has worked as a dancer among others with Dance Company Nanine Linning /Theater Heidelberg, State Theatre Braunschweig, Bodytalk dance theatre and Dancelab Berlin.


As a young artist he’s influenced by his surroundings, and multiple backgrounds inspire him to interact with a variety of different media, including scenography, installations, film, live-music and poetry. In 2012 with the duet “Iris 2.0”, he received the third prize at the ADAE Dance and Performing Arts Choreography Competition in Madrid.

Operation Unknown
Part 1. - to be continued...

A performance by: Amelia Eisen, Amy Pender, Kirill Berezovski & Martijn Joling

Freier Tanz im Delta Festival

19.05.2019, 18:00

Theater Felina Mannheim, Germany

RetroRemix - unsentimental nostalgia

(Collective installation)

Sommeroya Festival

16-17.08.2019, Ekebergparken

Oslo, Norway

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Profitraining - Floorwork

Dock 11 Berlin, 05-09.08.2019

10.00 - 11.30, DOCK 11 (Saal 1)
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A sailor's Soul

(A lonely performance)


23.03.2019, Krakowskie Centrum Choreograficzne - Studio KCC Krakow, Poland

31.08.2019, Salon-K Festival Berlin, Germany

New creation

Open audition, 13.09.2018

6 Obida Ben Elgarah St., Faisal, El-Giza

Egyptian residents only

Martijn Joling,

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