Behind closed doors




The performance "Behind closed doors" is suitable for all ages and is an absurd play between what
you want to show to the outside world and what you want to keep hidden.

The dancers are dressed in suits and move through mystery, through various games, manipulations and the idea of being stuck in a handshake. They fight hard not to lose against the other, to get the other to agree and not least - keeping their


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31.01.2019, Fukuoka Dance Fringe Festival Pomplazahall, Fukuoka, Japan

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03.09.2018, Tanzparty #12 (with Edith Buttingsrud Pedersen)

Uferstudios-studio 11 Berlin, Germany

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01.09.2018, Salon-K

Kulturfestival im Lettekiez, Germany

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Choreographer: Martijn Joling, Amy Pender

Performers: Martijn Joling, Amy Pender (Edith Buttingsrud Pedersen)

Outside-eye: Gabie Beier, Ziv Frenkel
Visual artist: Pauline Canvesio
Photography by: Tobias Goebbels, Günter Krämmer, Antonia Richter,

Mikael Örtenheim, Fred Damiens
Marketing picture: Claudia Greco

Co-produced by: Den kulturelle skolesekken i Viken, 
Seanse Art Center Norway, ADA Studio Berlin,
Scenekunst+ (Oslo Teatersenter), Dansekunst i Østfold

Supported by: DKS Viken, Fond for utøvende kunstnere, Performing Artist Hub Norway (Norwegian ministry of foreign affairs) The municipalities of: Oslo, Ås, Vestby, Råde, Lier, Asker, Lørenskog, Ullensaker, Sarpsborg, Nesodden, Nordre follo, Drammen, Eidsvoll

Special thanks to: Jodi Gilbert, Ås kulturskole, Vestby kulturskole, Rom for Dans UNG, Rådans, Lieropplevelser

''Behind closed doors'' is part of Scenekunstbrukets repertoar.

Many artists like to move to big cities, which contributes to the centralization of art and culture.
Amy & Martijn want to help build the culture in the districts.                                      Åsmund A. Løvdal - Nyheter | Ås avis

Martijn Dirk Joling and Amy Pender show in their bitterly angry "Behind Closed Doors" that the modern human might not have come that far.
Two people in suits stalking each other, playing clapping games like school kids and wrestling. After this, you will no longer be able to see pictures of statesmen greeting each other without a smile.                                      Antje Landmann - Die Rheinpfalz| Kultur Regional